Practically every business, large or small, understands the importance of SEO and content marketing. And as we all know, search engine optimisation strategies can change in a heartbeat (or at least whenever Google alters their algorithms). Despite the challenges, any competent digital marketing strategy includes SEO best practices to maximise your visibility.

Current web trends have shown a pretty substantial move from text to media-based content like videos and podcasts. But the truth is that text-based ranking through SEO is still as important today as ever before. And you need to keep up with the trends in ranking to ensure your business’s content remains authoritative, relevant and highly ranked.

Below, check out several tips from the experts at The Gaswerx on what to expect for 2016 SEO trends:


More Power to Twitter

According to Rand Fishkin, one of the SEO experts over at Moz, Twitter is poised to see a pretty big boost from Google in terms of SEO ranking power for 2016.

Twitter already carries a pretty hefty presence when it comes to ranking for your business keywords. But beyond your Twitter home page itself, you also have hashtags, posts, tweets and even retweets that can attract attention.

Google and Twitter have already expressed an alliance in a big way with a renewal of their partnership for 2016. What that means is you can most likely expect Twitter-related content to carry some significant weight in your SERPs.

Make sure you pay special attention to your Twitter if you’re not doing so already. And don’t be shy about remaining active on the site – it could lend a boost to your ranking power as the year moves on.

A Big Boost with Pinterest Promoted Pins
How’s your Pinterest presence on the web? Many businesses only focus on what they think are the “big boys” in social media – Twitter and Facebook primarily. But if you’re neglecting Pinterest, you’ve left a huge gap in your brand presence – and your ranking potential.

This is especially true now that Pinterest has social media advertising support. In December 2015, Pinterest announced the inclusion of Promoted Pins with self-service. What this means is that numerous businesses are getting involved with ads on this platform. And you’ll see a boost in the ranking power these assets bring for your search engine optimisation.


The Desktop Is Here to Stay

Look around the web, and you’ll hear a very similar story across the board: “Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!” Everyone knows that the push for mobile is important to ensure you’re reaching your audience from every angle.

But for 2016, you need to ask yourself one very important question: “How far is too far with the emphasis on mobile?”

It’s important to note that targeting mobile users in your marketing strategy is still highly important. But you need to make sure you’re still acknowledging the desktop crowd as well.

Desktop computing isn’t going anywhere. And many analysts are predicting that mobile adoption will finally start to taper off sometime this year. Make sure your campaigns don’t neglect the desktop users. Your SEO results will thank you for it.


Don’t Forget About the Other Search Engines

Google has long reigned supreme as the king of search engines. For years, everyone has simply responded to Google and oriented their strategies toward what Google does. This includes other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Of course you should continue to make your push to rank well on Google. But don’t count out other major search engines. For instance, one growing search engine – DuckDuckGo – has been predicted to see a significant amount of usage adoption in 2016.

Keep your eyes on other search engines. When you spread your efforts across the board, you’ll maximise your reach to even more leads.


The Gaswerx: Keeping Your SEO and Social Media Marketing Strong in 2016

As search engine optimisation continues to change, grow, evolve and update, you need to be prepared to respond to these changes quickly and expertly. That’s where The Gaswerx can help. We’ll keep your web assets ranking competitively across all major search engines. That way, you can focus on what’s important – successfully running your business.