One of the most important elements for success in the medical field today is strategic marketing. In today’s competitive medical world, you need to stand out in a way that showcases who you are and what you do. This can only be accomplished through the efforts of a strong online marketing and advertising campaign.

At the heart of any marketing initiative, you’ll always find content as the key driving force. Creating quality content remains the centre of all marketing and search engine optimisation success. Quality content aligned to your target audience is the primary online component that will bring people to your website. From there, you can work to attract new patients, rank your assets higher in search engines, and achieve other objectives you may need to improve your campaign results.

Getting Your Campaign Together

There are 4 primary steps that should be followed through the content marketing development process. The Gaswerx use these steps as a guide to identifying your needs, prioritising your objectives and developing a strategy that best meets them.

1. Set a Goal

Many people fly into marketing and advertising blindly. They simply throw as much as they can across every platform they can think of, without any sort of organisation or plan.

Unfortunately, all this accomplishes is a confusing jumble of content that may not serve you the way you think it will. In many cases, this type of strategy backfires, leaving you with worse rankings or a decrease in online-based patient referrals or enquiry.

Let the team at The Gaswerx help you define your objectives that will:

  • Improve the Funnel of Referrals and Leads to Your Website
  • Increase the Number of Appointment Bookings and Enquiries
  • Improve Your Search Engine Ranking for Target Keywords
  • Create a Better Social Media Relationship with the Public
  • Improve Your Online Reputation
2. Understand Your Prospective Patients

Like any other successful advertising campaign, successful medical marketing succeeds when you’re showing it to the right people. The ‘right people’ in this context refers to the concept of qualified leads, who are people who really want to find you, contact you and schedule an appointment. And this is a critical component to improving your overall business success.

It takes some work to identify qualified leads and to develop an advertising and marketing campaign around them. You’ll need to ask yourself a few important questions as you work towards a better sense of understanding your target audience:

  • What are These People Searching for Online?
  • What Websites and Search Engines are They Using?
  • How is Traffic Coming into the Website?

Once you know where your qualified leads are, you can work to deliver the content that speaks directly to them. The better you understand your prospective patients, the better you can reach them within your marketing.

This could be a blog you keep on your website (or guest post on other platforms). It could be a social media account where you directly interact with current and prospective patients. It could even be a series of targeted ads on social media based on the keywords you are targeting.

Additionally, localised search engine optimisation also plays an important role in developing the best patient profile for targeting. Your goal is to funnel prospective patients into your practice. There’s no reason to place any effort in full-scale marketing that you’ll never need. Only focus on the people who will truly be interested in visiting you and becoming your patient.

This will make their lives easier by creating a simple avenue for them to find and contact your office or practice. It will also serve you better by connecting the right people to you and generating even more leads that could ultimately become patients.

3. Create a Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy relates to the logistics of your content deployment. Where will you focus on delivering and distributing your content? What sort of timeline do you want to follow? Much of this strategy relates to the above point – knowing where you need to distribute content to best reach your patients.

Keyword research, content analytics, IP-based targeting and other tools can help streamline this process. By taking the time to understand the technical side of your marketing, you’re giving your content a much better chance of being noticed by the right people.

Remember, content is king. However, you need to know where and when to post that content to get the most attention – and the best results.

4. Develop Content that Matches Your Goals

Content is the crucial element that can make or break your campaign. High quality, relevant content is what drives the Internet forward. And in medical marketing, your content is critical if you want to reach the right people – and convince them to become your patient.

You need to deliver content that speaks directly to your target audience and to give them what they need to hear. This is not a pandering process – people want to find you, are seeking relevant information and by default, if done correctly, they will find your practice. You just need to give them the avenue to make that connection.

Creating Success in Your Content Marketing

To achieve a successful content marketing campaign for medical professionals is no easy task. You’ll need to spend a significant amount of time researching, understanding your target market and developing the content that best speaks to them. And with all this said you’ll want to achieve the objectives you set out for yourself.

As a medical professional you have your practice to worry about. Why not let the professionals at The Gaswerx handle your content marketing campaigns?

Our team of experts understand the specific requirements for medical marketing. We’ll work with you directly to develop an individualised plan that meets your objectives and brings you your desired objectives and success in your online marketing.

Contact The Gaswerx today to learn more about how we’ll make your marketing even easier – so you can stay focussed on your patients.

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