Medical SEO & Local Search Marketing

As you already know, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the key to improving your visibility to everyone on the Internet. From current to prospective patients, you want to do everything you can to be seen. The more visible you are, the easier these people will find you. And that type of visibility directly correlates to patients choosing your practice over others.

As the Internet continues to shift and grow, the need for effective search engine optimisation has not changed. In fact, up to 85% of people will still rely on search engine results to connect them to businesses. This impressive figure is higher than any other online medium. While the public may interact with medical professionals using social media, they’ll still look for you using sites like Google or Bing.

Getting your SEO results up to par achieves two very important objectives:

  1. Visibility
  2. Brand Control

Both of these components are equally critical for your business. You need that boost in visibility to get noticed by patients and keep your business moving forward. And you need to keep your brand’s digital identity and online reputation in control to ensure that ongoing success.

Why SEO is Still #1

If you weren’t already sold on the need for effective search engine optimisation, here are just a few of the most important reasons for embarking on a campaign:

Keep Your Reputation Stellar

Think about the search process from the perspective of a potential patient. They’re going to head online to learn more about who you are and what you do. What happens if they find a negative online comment about your practice? One of the most important goals driving SEO is to better connect your patients with the content you want them to see. All it takes is one disgruntled former patient, competitor or other party to create a negative post or review about you. And if left unaddressed, this negative content could quickly rise to outrank your actual website. SEO makes sure that your content outranks any type of negative post to ensure that your reputation is well-managed. Successful campaigns help reduce these issues by maintaining authoritative ranking power for websites, blogs, social media accounts and other content.

Create a Sense of Trust for Referrals

While referrals are an extremely important component of any medical practice, people are still going to do their homework. They will head online to learn more about you and your practice before they decide to come in and see you. Even if a referral comes highly recommended, a poor online reputation could stop these leads in their tracks. And this could put a significant deterrent in your patient recruitment process.

Maintain Your Current Patient Load

Remember, even just one negative situation, Facebook post or review could resonate across your entire practice. Negative publicity frequently carries an aftershock that affects your business in a variety of ways. One of those ways is within your existing patient list. Existing patients may opt to choose a competitor if they find a negative post – or nothing at all. It’s in your best interest to maintain an authoritative set of high ranking assets that keep your brand protected and visible whenever you are searched for online.

Outshine the Competition

Your competitors are working hard to get noticed online just like you. How your content ranks compared with their efforts depends directly on how you approach your SEO strategy. A concerted approach to creating high ranking, authoritative content always yields improved results for your campaign. By keeping your ranking power high, you’re giving your site a much better chance of being noticed first. And this could be the deciding factor for a prospective patient choosing you over another practice or office.

Improving SEO with Local Search

Taking your optimisation plan even further, local search is paramount to any medical practice or office acquiring the most qualified patients. Local search will deliver more relevant results to users within localised areas.

For services such as medical offices, this approach is a much better way for the public to find a business that’s relevant to them. Think about it from the perspective of a patient. You’re a prospective patient searching for an optometrist in Adelaide. Your queries might be something like “eye doctor Adelaide” or “optometrists near Adelaide.” If you’re a professional in that area, you’ll want to have a local focus on your ranking results. That way, patients will see your results first – ahead of the competition – and be more inclined to contact your office.

By focusing your efforts on local search, you’re giving yourself the boost you need to get noticed right where you are. That way, the most qualified leads will be able to see you and are much more likely to become your patients.

How The Gaswerx Can Help Boost Your SEO Power

There’s no question about the benefits of a high impact SEO campaign driving your marketing forward. However, understanding all the particular components of your medical speciality is easier said than done. If you need an ally in your advertising and brand development strategy, The Gaswerx is here to help.

Our team brings you expertise across all the following areas:

  • Market Research: We’ll work with you to identify all the important components of your specific market. This knowledge will improve the end results of our content ranking efforts.
  • Page-by-Page Optimisation: Our team will assess, create and modify all your content to ensure full potential for ranking. This includes keyword usage, links, and other strategies to build authority and boost ranking.
  • Analysis & Modification: Finally, we’ll utilise industry-leading analytics to measure campaign successes and adjust strategies as needed. Our team knows just what it takes to adjust campaigns to yield the best possible rankings.

If you’re ready to take your SEO and local search options to the next level, contact The Gaswerx today. We’re ready to show you just how effective a focussed campaign can be at improving your visibility and at boosting your business’s success.

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