Medical paid search & display advertising

Developing and maintaining a competitive medical marketing presence requires a multi-layered approach across all major digital assets. You need to understand the “where” and “how” behind what you are doing to get the results you’re seeking.

For practically every medical professional, two major areas should always be included in your online marketing: paid searches and display advertising. These two areas are critical to your success and to better understand why… have a read below!

Getting to Know Paid Search

Paid search marketing boils down to the paid avenues you’ll use for your marketing campaigns. Paying for ad space in higher traffic websites is a highly effective method for exposing your brand to more people.

We all know the power of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. With paid ads on your social media outlets, you will get an even bigger boost for your practice. Targeted advertisements ensure qualified leads receive more exposure to your advertising. As a result, more prospective patients will see what you have to offer – and likely convert through following you, making an enquiry, calling your office or booking an appointment.

Let’s not forget the #1 of all paid search options – Google. You know those 3 or 4 links that often appear on the top of every search query? Those are the paid ads through Google AdWords. These are some of the most powerful paid advertising channels available on the web today.

Part of what makes Google a go-to choice for all advertising rests in relevancy. Ads are delivered to people based on your relevancy to the search terms used. That means that if you’re a podiatrist in Brisbane and a Brisbane-based user searches for “foot doctor in Brisbane,” your site is likely to display as a highly relevant result.

Beyond the “Big G,” you can also take advantage of multiple other search engines such as Yahoo’s Bing network. Remember that the further you extend your reach, the more success you’ll typically yield.

All About Display Advertising

So what are all these paid searches actually comprised of? In every single case, the answer to this question is some form of display advertising. Simply stated, display advertising is a multi-faceted approach to online marketing that leverages visual effects/imagery or audio to draw attention to your advertising.

By including multimedia elements like images, audio and video, display advertising brings together a variety of sensory approaches to reach prospective patients. For many medical professionals, this means a significant boost in their advertising potential.

How to Succeed within Display Advertising

In most cases, the tried-and-true methods of display advertising still yield the best results. That’s part of the reason why these have remained a staple in the advertising world for such a long time.

Use these strategies to ensure your ads have the greatest potential to converting prospective leads into patients:

Make a Clear, Direct Call-to-Action

Your advertising has to direct people towards whatever objective you’re trying to achieve. So what is your end goal in your display ads? Do you want to direct them to your site? Do you want them to call and book an appointment? Whatever your objective, a strong call-to-action is critical. You need to tell your leads precisely what you want them to do – and encourage them to do it. Keep your CTA clear, direct and unambiguous. That way, there’s no question about what you want prospective patients to see and do when looking at your ads.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Part of any results-oriented marketing initiative means that you’re trying out various styles, approaches and variations to what you’re putting out there. Variety is the spice of life, after all. And varying your approach and style could bring in an even better yield for your efforts. Experimentation and testing are some of the best tools you could use in your campaign. Split testing, alternative market focus and other variations could mark the difference between a mediocre traffic return – and a noteworthy boost. Take a banner advertisement approach, for example. You can test out two different variations on how you approach your CTA. Then, you can compare the results through analytics to see which of the two variations yields a better return. From there, you can adjust your future marketing efforts to reflect the improvements and amplify your return on investment.

Bringing a Creative Edge in Your Marketing

While sticking to time-tested methods is often a solid strategy for your medical display advertising, sometimes you need to get a bit creative to really stand out. That’s part of the draw of this format.

You can take advantage of a highly streamlined paid search campaign with creative ads driving your effort forward. But what types of marketing ideas and techniques are best-suited to your particular speciality in the medical field? How prepared are you to invest the time into researching and understanding your target demographics? More specifically, do you know the right avenues for investing in yourself?

To answer these questions, you may want to consider letting the experts at The Gaswerx help you. Our team is comprised of experts across all digital assets and content marketing areas. Part of our boutique-style approach rests in providing customised campaign management and development. And with a significant amount of experience with medical clients, we’re equipped to handle whatever you need to improve your online brand visibility – and ‘explode’ your practice’s potential success.

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