Why should you use email marketing to connect with clients? Because the medical industry carries highly specific marketing requirements to achieve success. You need a sound strategy in place to stay competitive and the right tools to effectively engage with your audience and build trust. Keeping up with the latest trends in medical-based marketing is absolutely essential for your practice to continue to thrive.

One of the most vital areas within medical branding and advertising is email marketing and it’s absolutely essential for all areas of medical practice. When you work with us at The Gaswerx, you can expect the best email strategy that reflects all the latest trends and advancements within this field.

What We Offer

Our philosophy at The Gaswerx is different than most other online marketing agencies. We approach each one of our clients in situ. What that means is you’ll get an individualised plan specifically tailored to your medical practice’s unique challenges.

When it comes to successful email marketing campaigns in the medical industry, you need the right elements to come together. This includes all of the following:

  • Targeted Leads
  • UTM Tags
  • High Impact Email Copy
  • Clear and Specific Brand Identity
  • Responsive Email Design
  • Direct and Straightforward Call to Action
  • Split-Testing Across Multiple Approaches
  • Ongoing Campaign Monitoring & Adjustments

Our comprehensive email campaign management will ensure that your campaigns will yield the best possible results.

Email Marketing Services for the Latest Trends

Here at The Gaswerx, we understand the importance of finding your target audience right where they are. This means adopting and implementing the latest marketing trends within mobile technology.

Whether on a big screen or a tiny device, your emails need to make an impact on your audience. And our team is ready to help you get results with all the latest advancements and challenges this medium requires.

  • High Impact Mobile Email Strategies

In today’s online world, maintaining a successful mobile marketing presence is critical. That’s why your campaign must provide emails that are readable and appealing on mobile phones.

Our high impact email marketing services include all the latest techniques for the greatest potential within mobile marketing. You’ll never miss out on delivering your message to any of your prospective patients.

  • Responsive Emails for Any Size Device

A responsive email refers to a message that scales to a device screen size and still looks (and reads) amazingly. While this concept certainly isn’t new, many marketing trends have slowly steered away from the responsive email model.

As more people use laptops, tablets, phones and other devices, you need to deliver emails in a format that looks appealing no matter the size. We’ll bring you all the latest strategies to take full advantage of responsive emailing to your leads. And we’ll ensure your message always remains clear and visually appealing to everyone who reads it.

Medical Email Marketing Best Practices

Our team knows all the challenges medical professionals face with their digital marketing and online brand management. From social media advertising to search engine optimisation, only the best strategies can help distinguish you from your competitors. This holds true whether you’re an individual practitioner or a full medical facility.

The good news is that our team is committed to giving you a personalised, results-oriented email marketing solution. We understand the specific challenges you face as a medical professional. And we’re here to help you achieve the success your medical practice needs in order to thrive.

Get in Touch Today

If you’re ready to boost your medical marketing, talk to us here at The Gaswerx about our high impact email marketing services. We also offer comprehensive online marketing, social media management, website development and more. And best of all, these services are all streamlined for high success within the medical field.

Stop waiting and start succeeding! Call us today to learn more about all the great options we will provide for you – for outstanding email marketing and beyond.