The Gaswerx is a boutique, specialist medical, brand agency with a full-service suite of mediums to make your brand truly shine. Our approach is unique in that we only work with specialist medical practitioners and companies.

We take time to understand our clients’ unique objectives and business goals, and tailor and translate these into effective, revenue generating brand strategies and marketing initiatives that consumers will understand and connect with. We work across all areas of marketing and advertising – from brand development and management to content marketing management, web development and digital marketing, social media, radio, print and more.

Our talented team of marketing specialists, innovative designers and strategic developers share a common goal – to ensure that the brands we work with will impact on customers in a positive, tangible and lasting way.

Our promise to you is that we won’t sell you on some formulaic, cookie-cutter design package. Instead, we’ll work to understand who you are and what you want to showcase. From there, we’ll construct a brand and branding strategy that achieves all your objectives and communicates your vision accordingly.

Key Services


Brand Development &


Specialised Medical Marketing


Comprehensive Website Design & Deployment


Integrative Social Media Marketing Management


Ongoing Brand Management

Brand Development & Strategy

Part of what distinguishes superior brand management from the pack is how you appear across all channels. What makes The Gaswerx different, is our laser precision regarding your brand. We’ll get your message across right where you need it. And with you at the centre, we’ll develop a superior branding strategy that raises the potential of your business..

Specialised Medical Marketing

Medical marketing represents one of the fastest growing areas within digital marketing. The medical industry carries a highly specific set of criteria for companies to remain competitive and within legislation.

The Gaswerx has continued to stand out from the crowd with our streamlined delivery of excellence in this field. We bring specialised service and industry knowledge across a variety of medical marketing niches. Our standout service has continued to deliver excellent campaign results and measurable improvements in brand strategies.

Comprehensive Website Design & Deployment

The crux of any brand strategy is the expert development and management of a truly unique website. Marketing across emails, social media and other avenues all lead to one destination: your website. Without a site that reflects your brand (and encourages conversions), the rest of your marketing efforts will be in vain.

Our expert team of developers can revamp your business website to better reflect the latest trends and technologies. We will give you the upgrades that yield a consistent brand voice and image across all areas. That way, you’ll encourage potential customers all the way through to enquiry.

Integrative Social Media Marketing Management

Social media is an absolute must for online presence. Most businesses today have social media accounts across the major outlets. However, most of these businesses lack a true understanding of how these social outlets can directly contribute to the success of your brand.

Social media isn’t just about an account with a few occasional posts. We help you develop a social content marketing strategy that really reaches your customers, right where they are, to drive greater enquiry and engagement.

Ongoing Brand Management

Design and deployment only represent the start of any successful brand campaign. From there, you need the right management strategy for ongoing success.

The Gaswerx brings our clients a streamlined approach to brand management and campaign development. We offer you the best in developing your brand as a unique and accurate reflection of who you are. From there, we’ll manage your brand through various campaigns, continuously monitor the results and make adjustments for continued success in an ever-changing business climate.

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