Picture this scenario: a general practitioner in East Sydney is working toward growing her patient numbers in the practice. She’s spent some time across social media developing her pages, interacting with the public and promoting her business. She’s built a website with a few related keywords such as “general practitioner” and “accepting new patients.”

And at this point, she’s feeling frustrated because of the lack of results. Is this doctor doing something wrong with her marketing and advertising? Why isn’t she getting the results she needs to grow her business and improve her patient numbers?

Believe it or not, the truth behind this doctor’s dilemma boils down to one highly important issue: the Google local search. Do you know how to cater your marketing to better focus on your local areas? Read on to learn everything you need to start incorporating this valuable marketing tool in your own marketing.

Why Local SEO Rules in Medical

Unlike many other business and industry, medical professionals have a firm vested interest in their local areas. You can’t sell treatments and patient care remotely or through an online portal, after all. Accordingly, Google local search is paramount to improve your patient recruitment rates and targeted visibility.

By keeping your efforts in local searches, you’re producing better relevancy to the users who are most interested in you. Relevancy is extremely important in the medical field. By connecting relevant results with targeted patients, you’re helping to give these patients exactly what they’re searching for. And they’re more likely to choose your practice because it’s easier to find, connect with and contact.

How to Stand Out in the Local Crowd

Just because you’ve incorporated local search into your marketing campaign does not mean you will automatically succeed. You’re still facing competition from other local doctors and/or practices that may be trying to target exactly the same patients.

So what steps can you take to stand out in your local area? Follow these tips to boost your results and enjoy even more success potential.

Ensure that Your Content Reflects Your Location

This one should go without saying, but ensure that your target key phrases and online assets include the local area you’re targeting. As Google crawls your online assets, certain aspects of your site and other materials will help you to develop authority. You want to build authority within your local areas. That’s the mechanism which will allow your content to rank for relevant user searches.

Keep All Your Business Information Consistent

Google allows you to add a business listing. This includes contact information to better direct interested patients to your address, phone number and website. Ensure that your website information is consistent with these listings. Any discrepancies could lead to confusion – and may interfere with your local search results.

Utilise Google My Business

A relatively new feature, Google My Business makes it easy for you to enter all the relevant localised information people need to find your business. This includes adding business information within the search engine, on Google Maps and on the Google+ platform.

There’s no reason that all of this data should not be entered through Google My Business immediately. The process to update your information is quick, easy and straightforward. And taking this step right now means you’re getting a broad-scale visibility boost from the leader of online search.


Get an Extra Boost from The Gaswerx

Finally, if you’re still not succeeding the way you think you should, contact The Gaswerx today. Our team understands how to approach localised marketing for medical professionals. In fact, the medical industry is our strongest area of specialisation with lots of highly successful and  customers.

We’ll work with you to help identify where you are, who you want to target and what your overall marketing goals are. That way, you can get the results you need – without the hassles commonly associated with digital marketing.