Now that we’re well into the swing of 2016, you may be thinking about how your current marketing strategy is faring. This holds especially true for social media where you should be funnelling a significant amount of leads to your site.

So how’s your social media strategy stacking up? Are you getting the results you want? Do your current efforts need a new coat of polish to take advantage of the latest trends?

Have a look at our list of tips below to ensure your 2016 social media presence is still helping you get the marketing results you need.


Streaming & Live Events: Not Just for Gamers

What better way to connect with your followers than a live stream of events? While the streaming world is nothing new, connecting this internet essential to social media marketing is certainly a major change from previous years. By getting involved in this strategy, you can take advantage of this high-impact method to connect with leads and customers.

Apps like Periscope and Meerkat are the easiest solutions for user engagement. These apps allow you to go online, notify your followers and interact with fans through live streams. It’s a great way to connect people with the things your company does – events, volunteering, business-related activities and more.


Fuelling Your SEO Power with Facebook

Content preferences have certainly continued to migrate – from text to media and from desktop to mobile, for instance. Despite the push into the media side of things, SEO and site ranking are still just as important as they’ve ever been.

Part of what fuels your SEO power is how users interact with your content. Likes, shares, reposts, retweets and related activities all help attract more attention to your company or brand. And this contributes to a higher ranking for your online properties and gaining valuable exposure to leads.

One of the biggest changes in the Facebook universe has been the introduction of additional reactions beyond the ‘Like’ button. Because of this new way to interact, the site has now breathed more life into the respond/share element of Facebook’s dynamic. Keep your eye on this brand new trend to assess how it may affect (and benefit) your own social media marketing.

Get Faster with Your User Engagement

The 2016 internet users are more impatient than ever before. From a social media standpoint, that means users expect a response from brands or companies they contact right now.

In years past, you could get away with leaving a comment or question unaddressed for an unspecified period of time. Today, however, you need to answer your followers almost immediately. Seriously – up to 53% of people expect a response within an hour of posting, according to Search Engine Watch.

Because of this growing immediacy in response time, your social media approach should remain ready to spring into action at any given moment. This means setting up your accounts to alert you about interactions as soon as possible.

Even smaller-scale businesses can utilise various tools to provide faster real-time engagement. All it takes is a mobile device equipped with notifications to let you know when someone posts on your social media. And you can quickly check out the post – and respond if necessary.

In fact, smaller-scale businesses may have a slight advantage in this context thanks to their ability to be more personalised. You can create dynamic, individualised responses to your followers or fans. And this type of engagement can boost the overall impact of your social media presence even higher.


Getting SEO Help When You Need It

As we all know, internet and social media marketing are constantly moving targets. Just trying to stay ahead of the latest trends can quickly become exhausting! If you simply don’t have the time to invest in trend analysis in your marketing, you need to get professional help. The Gaswerx is your source for SEO and social media domination.

The Gaswerx provides streamlined SEO services for companies of all sizes and types. Our team works to keep up with all the latest trends. That way, you can rest assured that your campaign is maximising its marketing potential in 2016 and beyond.