While often lamented by marketers and businesses alike, paid search advertising is an immensely important component for any successful marketing strategy. Without adding a paid search element to your campaign, you can expect to lose out on an immense amount of potential leads.

Of course, simply participating in PPC and other paid search programs isn’t enough to succeed, either. You need just the right level of bid management and marketing insight to get the most out of your CPC and improve your click through rates. Otherwise, you’re simply washing your marketing budget right down the drain.

As trends continue to change and evolve, how can any business expect to keep up? The answer comes by relying on the experts – and they have a lot to say about the PPC world and marketing campaigns in 2016.

Recently, tech and digital marketing source Momentology, presented a highly insightful collection of thoughts and reflections from 24 experts within the PPC field. These insights showcased several of the major trends digital marketers and brand management firms can expect as 2016 presses onward.

Have a look at the major themes among all of these industry experts.


The Power of Mobile

The critical importance of mobile-based targeting has long been known in the online marketing and paid search strategy world. So it’s no surprise that this trend is only going to continue in the second half of 2016.

Even more people will begin utilising their mobile devices to access the web in various forms. But simply having a “Desktop-Lite” version of your site for mobile users won’t be enough to capture these leads.

You need to have a mobile design in place that’s clean, straightforward and easy to convert. Even if you don’t use a landing page for this purpose, you need to make it easy for leads to convert. This may even come with an enhanced click-to-call feature (and answering system) within your business itself.

Better Targeted Leads with Google Customer Match

Targeted leads are the #1 prize of the digital marketing leads. The more targeted your leads are, the more likely they are to convert. And with the advent of Google Customer Match, this element of your marketing will be even more important.

For those who may not know, Customer Match is Google’s answer to targeted leads that may be present in a company’s CRM (or locked away through an RSLA subscription). The feature helps connect and integrate Google AdWords directly to this customer data for even better targeted marketing potential and excellent CTR.

With a company like Google on-board, you better believe that more people will take advantage of this paid search marketing service. And that means competition will be even higher in getting the bids for the best PPC results.

Understanding Automation and AI in SEM

So much of the tech world is buzzing about the latest advents within automation and artificial intelligence. Is it any surprise that this type of breakthrough will have its mark on the paid search marketing field as well?

The dust hasn’t quite settled on this trend in marketing. Some experts predict automated content production based on targeted lead information. But the human touch of sniffing out automated text may throw a monkey wrench into this particular strategy. Nevertheless, it’s worth investigating to see how AI and automation could impact your own marketing.


Shifting the Target from Keywords to People

With improved automation, intuitive data gathering, CRM integration and other tools, marketers will now have access to much better customer data. What that will mean is that the predominant focus on keywords will begin to shift.

Targeted ads will instead begin to look towards people themselves – demographics, behaviours, interests and more. These improvements mean an even better level of targeting for even greater success potential.


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